Ikkanshi Tadatsuna
Awataguchi Ikkanshi Tadatsuna was originally started by the first Ikkanshi Tadatsuna who is a very famous Japanese sword blacksmith about 400 years ago, and the son of the second Ikkanshi Tadatsuna inherited the father works. Their swords are very famous for unique beautiful ripple line on the blade, and their unique and beautiful metal-carving art works at the base part of the blade.
Japanese knife brand, Ikkanshi Tadatsuna is inherited their 400 years of Japanese sword forging techniques.
It has been located on Sakai, Osaka where is also very famous as a blacksmith city since 1929.
The blade is made of high quality white or Blue steel IRON SAND from at scratch with very close to traditional way to make Japanese sword one by one by hands.
Most of Japanese chef makers are preferred blue steel, but Ikkanshi Tadatsuna prefer and specialize in white steel that they make it razor sharp blade edge with it.
If you are looking for sharpest blade in Japanese chef knife, you should try it.

The others superior Japanese chef knife brand

There is so many more excellent knife makers in Japan, however we can not introduce all of them in reality
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