Right & Left Yoshihide Kiridashi 24mm white II steel blade

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To have left hand and right hand of Kiridashi are ideal way of curving wood, because when the bevel side is attached on the wood block, the blade moves away from the wood surface. I meant what the blade bites smaller amount of wood surface, and slip away. It is great for when we need to remove tiny amount of the surface of the wood that is something like clean up little bit. That is happens to the single bevel edge blade.

In the other hand, when we attach the flat concave side on the surface of the wood, it bits the wood, and the edge is going to deeper side. It is great for when we need to remove lots of meat of the wood. Therefore, if we have the left and right hand kiridashi, we are able to use them more occasions.





Iwasaki and Takami (double bevel) kamisori

IMG_5520[2] IMG_5521[1]

The wisteria wrapped handle one is Iwasaki 58mm Tamahagane kamisori (single bevel).

The other one without the wrapping is Takami double bevel kamisori.

Takami double bevel one looks single bevel, but it seems it has deeper hollow ground especially on the flat concave side, Ura side.


Masashi Kobo SLD chef knives arrived



I have got Masashi Kobo SLD steel;

150mm wa petty knives,


180mm santoku,


210mm wa gyuto,



240mm wa gyuto,


270mm wa gyuto.


Shiraki blades will come in Tomorrow

Sakimaru Tako Honyaki has been sold before came in, but Yanagiba mizu honyaki white II steel blade has not sold yet.

We will also get below blades Tomorrow:

Yanagiba mizu honyaki 270mm white II steel

Yanagiba mizu honyaki 270mm blue II steel

Yanagiba mizu honyaki 300mm white II steel

Yanagiba Damascus 300mm blue I steel

Yanagi Kiritsuke Damascus 270mm blue I steel

Yanagi Kiritsuke Damascus 300mm blue I steel

Yanagi kiritsuke 270mm blue I steel

Yanagi kiritsuke 300mm blue I steel

Kiritsuke 240mm white I steel

Wa Garasuki 180mm white II steel

Wa Hankotsu 150mm white II steel

Wa Hankotsu Damascus 150mm blue I steel