Hawaii Historic Arms Association Gun Show


I will have a booth at Hawaii Historic Arms Association Great Gun Show on March 18 and March 19

I have lots of used cooking knives (over 50 pieces), so I will sharpen them and bring them there to sell, and more items.

Lots of gun collectors and knife collectors will be there for people those who are interested in those things. It should be very fun show to talk to them.

It is at Blaisdell Center on this weekend.

The inventory of Tesshu knives

I just checked into Tesshu knives (inventory) on 01/31/2017.

Some of them are already have handles, but the most of them are just blades without the handles.

If you are interested in below items, please send me e-mail at aframestokyo@yahoo.com

WA GYUTO (Japanese style chef knife):
Shiro II steel—210mm, 240mm, 270mm
Blue II steel—210mm, 270mm
VG10—210mm, 240mm, 270mm
Blue I steel (Damascus single bevel )— 210mm, 240mm, 270mm
Mizu Honyaki white II steel—210mm, 270mm, 300mm (Mt. Fuji hammon)
Mizu Honyaki blue II steel—210mm, 270mm
Abura Honyaki (oil quench) white III steel—240mm

White I steel (kasumi)— 270mm, 300mm
Blue I steel (kasumi)— 270mm, 300mm
White I steel (Damascus)— 270mm, 300mm
Blue I steel (Damascus)— 270mm, 300mm

Left Hand (Yanagiba)
Blue I steel (kasumi)— 270mm
Blue I steel (Damascus)— 270mm

Blue I steel—300mm

Blue II steel—150mm, 180mm
Ginsan—150mm, 180mm

Blue II steel—135mm, 165mm, 180mm, 210mm

Blue II steel—180mm

Blue II steel—165mm

Blue II steel—165mm

Blue I steel—300mm, 330mm

White II steel—220mm

Western style Japanese Chef Knife bolster


The picture of the chef knife is Ikkanshi Tadatsuna (all Ikkanshi Tadatsuna western handle knives are made the same way), and it is one body from the tip to the end of the handle.

The bolster is normally welded, but this one is not welded. It prevents to be over 1000 centigrade again by sparks.

It is also clean looking and no sanding marks or welding marks around the bolster.

There is the way to put together the handle and blade by welded.

Please click here to see Ikkanshi chef knife